Two options here:

I have an online shop here.  You’ll find variable etching editions and cyanotypes there at a slightly lower price range (between £45 and £85).  They all come unframed, with p&p included.

Or, if you like the look of a one-off piece you’ve seen on this website, either in the available work or galleries section, then please contact me if you’d like more information on prices, how to buy, framing and shipping costs etc. and I’ll get right back to you.  There’s no pressure or obligation.

All available pieces should state whether they are framed or unframed in the caption. Unframed pieces come float mounted onto archival mount-card, ready to be framed by your chosen framer.  Alternatively, I can quote for a frame from my local framers, who I know well and are used to my work.  Shipping cost would be higher for you in that instance though.

Happy browsing!